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New monolophosaurus

As most of you already know there is a monolophosaurus arriving in the third season of jurassic world camp cretaceous. It also has a cool new design. However we already have two monolophosaurus so the only way this new canon species can arrives is either by becoming a gen 3 or as a guest character like bumpy and parasaurolphus lux however i don’t think gen 3 will be a thing unless they’re making another jp universe game

I don’t think it’ll get a new thing in the game, its not really that important as far as I can tell, and if it did I feel like ludia would then just have to include other gen 2s if we’re including random creatures that show up in the series like striped stegos or orange sinos etc

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ouranosaurus is confirmed for camp cretaceous season 3. There is a new clip where one attacks kenji