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New Move "Definite Dodge"

"Definite Dodge" should be a new move for swap in dodge creatures so they get the full advantage of getting no damage on swap in. So this would be 100% dodge of 100% damage unless your opponent uses an ability that removes positive affects.

"Definite Dodge" could also be an instant move on some slower creatures with fewer hit points where you anticipate your opponent doing a big damage move and it takes no damage. It’s like 'Instant Invincibility" except it deflects all damage including shield breakers. Although it can be removed with the remove positive effects so it would not be totally invisible.


The second one practically already exists. Long dodge was revealed as a move that would be implemented in the future, back in the 1.7 patch notes. It’s a priority move that gives the user a 100% dodge chance for 2 turns.
Back then that would have meant taking 0% damage but I guess now it would be 34%.

I hope the percentage will change in the next patch. 33% is too much, perhaps 20%, or even revert back to how it was before 1.8.

Yes please to both of these.

The dinos with swap-in dodge are already dinos that have less HP, and that 33% can be devastating for them if they’re against something like Thor.

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