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New Move Idea: Group Dig In

Group Dig In and Group Dig In Taunt

Basically just the regular Dig In and Dig In Taunt that affects the whole team. What do you think?


yes, I think this idea is amazing and am surprised it’s not already in the game


I think this is great! I do think the Priority/Cooldown should be modified a bit. Maybe make it a non-priority move, with a 2 move delay, 3 cooldown and 2x heal?


Idk, I just want a Dig In move that affects all teammates in raids. :upside_down_face:

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Same, but I think there should be a differentiation between regular Dig In, so that it has a use in PvP as well

In pvp, it would act just like a normal Dig in move, in raids: it gives the effects to allies (the taunt version places the Taunt on the caster like normal)

At least that’s how I imagine it will work.

Maybe the move can be exclusive to some of the deers (and hybrids like Eremoceros and Megalogaia) and maybe a few of the Turtles like Entelolania or something. :man_shrugging:


Yes! It is perfect!

also, welcome to the Forums @Aussie!


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Anything I should add?

Nah, it’s perfect

though the taunting version should have the Dig In Taunt icon and the non-taunt version just the regular Dig In icon