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New moves or abilities

We need more moves to improve outdated dinosaurs, like stegos, ankys, pteranodos and alanqas type
Precise dristraction cleanse rampage? :rofl: To counter proceratho and indo G2

And give this move to armored creatures like stegodeus or some ankys

Or new habilities ?
Like “inverse”
All negative effects become positive, and all positive becomes negatives ?
(Yeah this one it’s so powerful since almost all attacks aplies negative effects)

And moves that affect both dinosaurs like mutual Fury or give both negative and positive effects somethig like “fear”
increase enemie’s attack (1 turn) but decrease speed and makes it vulnerable (2 turns)

All ideas are accepted

Change the first one to Precise Cleansing Pounce.

Extended Critical Pounce: increase crit chance 60% three turns, rest of effects are same as pounce(2x and distract)

C = cooldown D = Delay
Ferocious Stunning Strike: Increase dmg 50% two turns 75% to stun, 1x damage. C:1
Ferocious Stunning Impact: same as strike but 1.5x damage. C:1, D:1.
Immune to nullify( self explanatory)
Extended Stun: Priority. 100% to stun 2 turns. C:3
Persistent Stun: Priority. 100% to stun 3 turns. C:3, D:1
Instant Cleanse: Priority. Cleanse ALL negative effects, distract 90% one turn, immunity for two turns. C:3,D:1.
Immunity strike: attack 1x. Gain immunity for two turns. C:2
On Escape De-Extinction: when opponent leaves or dies, gain 5 DNA for that creature
Scavenger: when opponent dies, cleanse negative effects, reset all cooldowns and delays, and heal 75% of opponent’s max health
How are they?


De-extinction is interesting
Scavenger it’s actually a good idea i love it, but with less healt like 33%

And obviously we need a lot of move combinations

Maybe scavenger should be 33% health

I was thinking de-extinction could be like a “player ability” that unlocks when you get a certain creature(s) and then it always applies

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I remember someone mentioned something about a move called “spooky strike” which deals 1x and forces opponent to swap, that sounds fun

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Here are some more new moves:
Mind Control: priority. Attack 1x. This move bypasses immunity. Force opponent to use weakest move and then after move is done, 66% to stun 1 turn. C:2
Fear: priority BEFORE swaps. Force opponent to swap to creature with lowest health left. Cleanse all negative effects and deal definite 2x damage. C:2
Death: Priority. Immediately bypass all defensive abilities, cleanse distraction, and deal 0.8 of opponents max health.C: 3 D: 1
Apocalypse: deal 4x definite damage to current opponent and 2x definite damage to next opponent. C: can only be used once per battle. D: 3
Nullify counter: after any move used by opponent, nullify opponent.
Immune to counter attack: does not take damage or negative effects from counter attacks
Thievery: all positive effects on opponent come to self and all negative effects on self go to opponent(really good to use after dig in or cautious strike)

All the new immunities would not be included in the normal immunity

Extended snd persistent stun are 2 broken moves imo since your opponent would be doomed if it’s not immune. Second you can’t have immunity to null bc immunity doesn’t work like that. An immune creature neglacts all negative effects like distraction or dot. Nullification it’s not a negative effect or a positive one so logically cannot exist.

Apocalypse is DEFINITELY broken(excuse the pun)

Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

Advantage: When opponent does no damage, nullify, cleanse, and deal 1x damage.

Well who ever dino has that move it would be a great yoshi counter. My poor christmas chicken.

I would like to continue this
Deal 2× stun for 2 turns
I have more but need to sleep

Group Thievery: Transfer all negative effects on lowest health teammate to random opponent; Transfer all positive effects from highest hp opponent to lowest health teammate

Resurrection : revive defeated teammate with half of max hp

Venom(Dilophosaurs): DoT highest hp opponent 33% 3 turns

Cleansing Nullify: Reverse Priority(after all moves have been completed). Cleanse and nullify. Immune to all neg effects for 2 turns

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Amour shattering strike/impact/rampage
Deal (depends ) bypass armor and next 2 turns amour becomes 0%

Wounding Shield: Damage x1,5, Shield for 2 turns, DoT 33,4 for 3 turns.
Cooldown: 2
Stunning counter: Damage x1, 75% Chance of Stunning the Enemy after receiving and surviving a hit. Passive.
Cleansing Rampage: Cleanse self, Damage x2.
Cooldown:2 Delay:1