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New moves or abilities

Stunning Counter is a little broken because the chance is higher than most normal stunning moves. Probably should change it to 33 or 20%. Or you could do this:

Intermittent Stunning Counter: Passive. Reverse priority(after all moves are completed) 50% stun one turn and lockdown 2 turns. Pin self 1 turn(so you can’t stun and then swap to rat)

Swap in render
Swap in deal 20% of opponents max hp

I want to continue this.
Definite Devastation: self explanatory. C: can only be used once per battle. Delay: 4.
Fierce critical strike/impact: fierce strike/impact and crit increase 2 turns
Long Distracting Rampage: distracting rampage except distract for 4 turns
Infection: DoT all members of opponent team 20% 2 turns.
On escape death: when opponent tries to leave, instantly kill opponent bypassing all immunities and defensive abilities.
Immune to Swap In abilities: any damage, negative effects or positive effects from swap in abilities will be blocked
Instant Immunity: priority. Invincible 1 turn. Immune to all negative effects for 2 turns.
Long heal: opposite of dot, heal over time.
Negation: all negative effects on self and/or positive effects on opponent are reversed(e.g. distraction becomes ferocity, vulnerable becomes dodge, DoT becomes long heal, etc.) immune to all negative effects for 2 turns.

reset cooldowns and delays is bad causeif you have a move with coolsown 3 d:1 and you could use that move, now u cant

That’s the point. It’s a fresh start

An op move like this can’t be all good

I also have a new effect:
Haste: For set number of turns, priority on all moves. Any moves that already have priority will be done first even if opponent uses faster priority move.

New moves:
Elongation: nullify opponent and extend the duration of any positive effects on self/ negative effects on opponent by 2 turns

i know but noone would want to use it then if it means they can use their beloved GSR

Ok fine then only cooldowns are reset, meaning all moves are ready to use

Superiority shield
Deal 1x
Cleanse distraction and crit reduction
Shield 1 turn decrease speed by 50% for 1 turn

Definite superiority
Deal 1x bypass dodge
Cleanse distraction
decrease speed by 50% for 1 turn

Superiority stun
Deal 1x
Cleanse distraction
decrease speed by 50% for 1 turn 50% to stun 1 turn

the problem with haste is that priority was made so it would be faster unless someone else faster does priority. now with haste, its basically priority and then someone else does haste…purpose defeated

Yes but the point is that not all creatures have haste. Also haste bypasses normal priority