New moves to jwa

What new moves do you think could be added to the game. This can scale from “this is nice, I don’t it needs to be added” To “ oh my god where is move? Ludia you’re missing on a good opportunity!”

A new passive ability that gives the user’s moves a chance to bypass immunity is all I really want.


I want precise strike

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a precise rend or precise shattering move.

Swap in boost nullify would be cool. :grinning:


I’d like to see a “Cautious Strike Nullifier”

And maybe a “Speedtie Immunity”


A precise slowing move. Also a swap in ability that would be interesting: swap in speedup. Speed up by 10% for 2 turns when swapped in.


Hmm, let’s see…
Deliberate sidestep (basically sidestep without priority)

Instant impact (basically impact with priority)

Debilitating strike (reduces target’s damage and speed by 75%)

Cleansing rampage (basically rampage and cleanse)

Swap in lock (is the opponent about to use a hit and run move to get away from the bleeding? Swap into a creature with this ability to keep the wounded creature on the battlefield!)(pins opponent for 2 turns, cannot swap for 2 turns)

On escape invisibility (when opponent leaves, the Dino with this passive effect will be invisible for 1 turn)


Minor Healing Strike

Deal 1x Damage. Heal 10% Health.

Healing Strike

Deal 1x Damage. Heal 25% Health. Cooldown: 1

Healing Impact

Deal 1.5x Damage. Heal 25% Health. Cooldown: 2


So if 2 equal level creatures with speed tie immunity are against each other… the whole universe implodes?


I think swap in lock already exists, the Crocodilians have a lockdown passive ability

I could live with that

Devouring Strike: Opponent Vulnerable for this turn and the next turn. Deal 0.25x opponent’s max HP, regenerate the same amount. Delay-0, Cooldown-0.

Devouring Lunge: Opponent Vulnerable for this turn and the next turn. Deal 0.4x opponent’s max HP, regenerate the same amount. Delay-1, Cooldown-1.

Gormandize: Opponent Vulnerable for this turn and the next turn. Deal 0.6x opponent’s max HP, regenerate the same amount. Delay-1, Cooldown-1.

Gluttonous counter: On receiving and surviving direct damage, deal 0.25x opponent’s max HP, regenerating the same amount.

Vampiric Bite: Deal 1x damage. Opponent takes 0.25x max HP as DoT for 2 turns, user regenerates the same amount over 2 turns.
Delay-0, Coolown-2.

Vampiric Drain: Deal 1x damage. Opponent takes 0.3x max HP as DoT for 3 turns, user regenerates the same amount over 3 turns.
Delay-0, Cooldown-3.

Note the lack of Cleanse.

The first four were intended for dinos like Mapusaurus, which were theorized to have bitten chunks off large sauropods to eat, “leaving the victim alive to provide food at a later date”. Inspired by Planet Dinosaur, obviously.
They would probably be on a dino Immune to Decel, a natural predator to JW’s sauropods, like the Marsupial Lion.
Intuitively, if used on a low-health dino, it would regenerate very little, as opposed to something like Gemini or Apato. This sort of fits with the whole eating aspect, since it would take a large meal to sate the hunger of a large carnivore.

The last two could go to bats or even pterosaurs. A Dimodactylus hybrid, for instance.

Edit: Any resemblance to @anon91521914’s post is purely coincidental.


Hmm, :bat:. I’ve never thought about bats! Now those are some cenozics that would be cool-ish.

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Icaronycteris and Onychonycteris are options, and not too unlikely, if Ludia really did take inspiration from Ark’s Titanoboa.
Then there’s Desmodus draculae, but that one’s more obscure, plus it would be different from the others, but Ludia could probably cut corners when it comes to the details. Kind of like with the Sauropod proportions (non-Brachiosaur model).

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No, there is a difference between no escape and swap in lock, no escape can only work when the opponent is going to swap where as swap in lock can work anytime when’s you swap.

Stunning swoop : 100% stun, dot0.2 for 2 turns, automatically swap out
Feathered terror : priority, 75% chance to stun, deals 1 damage, 75% distraction to the opponent for 2 turns
Quiever: priority, disable opponents moves for 2 turns forcing him to use only the basic
Charging headbut: deals 1 damage, 40% chance to stun, +10% speed for 2 turns
Stealing strike: deals 1 damage, regen the same amount of damage that did to the opponent
Mutual defense : puts up shields 1 turn for the opponent and 2 turns for it self
Curling ball:100% shields for 2 rurns that cannot be destroyed or get null, signature move of armadilosuchus
Passive ability called mimicry: the carrier of this ability mimics the positive effects of the opponent such as increase damage, crit change+ speed, regen, and evasion with the exception of cloak and shields

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Tactical Retreat: 100% chance to stun opponent. Regenerate 50% max HP. Automatic Swap.
Delay-1, Cooldown-3.

Not a priority move, no cleanse, and it’s meant for a dino on the slower side.

Debilitating Swoop: Opponent damage reduced by 75% for 2 turns, opponent takes 0.25x max HP as DoT for 2 turns, automatic swap.
Delay-0, Cooldown-2.

Airborne: Priority. Gain 100% chance to dodge 100% damage until the next attack (maximum 2 turns). Next attack does 1.5x damage and removes positive effects.
Delay-0, Cooldown-3.

See what I did there? Because of the nullification, you can’t use Airborne to dodge a hit from an already Airborne creature.
Perhaps this is what some of the pterosaurs need to become more relevant.

Deboost rampage; Emoji takedown; Ranting invincibility; Immune to moderator; Deliberating bug; Support team lockdown; Swap in “I am sorry to hear this”.


After giving it a bit more thought, I think I’ll rework the DoT moves.

Vampiric Bite: Deal 1x damage as DoT for 2 turns, regenerate the same amount over 2 turns.
Delay-0, Cooldown-2.

Vampiric Drain: Deal 1.5x damage as DoT for 3 turns, regenerate the same amount over 3 turns.
Delay-0, Cooldown-3.

This way, you can actually bleed a weak dino out, instead of doing less damage. Plus, something with the health of a Dimorphodon regenerating a third of the health of an Apatosaurus each turn would be a bit much.
Yes, base-damage-based DoT is back!

And while we’re at it, how about a new Passive:
Gluttony: This creature keeps any HP regenerated beyond the max HP, until swapped out.

That could make abilities like SI-Heal more useful.

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