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New moves

I think that ludia should add new moves like poison, blind, regeneration of health over time, paralyzation, toxic, sharp defense or retaliate. retaliate is a attack in which the enemy hits your dino and your dino doubles that attack which it got hit. This move should be for slow dinos that dont have enough speed and also dinos that dont do alot of attack this are the moves i think should be in the game. Toxic has random affects like paralysis, burn, bleeding or poisoned. Sharp defense is when you have a defense that does damage and its not a shield instead it increases a little of your defense with the enemy getting hit with attack ranging from (regular)10-20% (critical) damage being dealt on the sharp defense. If people think these move should be added in the next update leave comments about it so that ludia can add them on the game also if there are more ideas of moves to be added then leave comments about them. Im also going to add ideas of other moves that should be added later on over time when i see the game being developed also i like the way the game is made and thats all. This are my opinions about the new moves that should be added and creating a different playing field.


I think your ideas are great! However I really think they should start resolving the already known issues before taking on more work.
Good ideas for the future though.


totally agree with you, i can already hear ppl calling for poison nerfs :sob::sob::sob:

This sounds like a terrible idea, honestly. So with your retaliation idea, if I deal 2400 damage to someone, they should retaliate with nearly 5000 damage? Sounds fun.


I think regeneration should definitely have a bigger role in the arena

bleeding already exists. retaliation already exists in the form of counter attack. please no regeneration. we already have battles that take like 5-6 minutes. they don’t need to drag out even more.


No what im saying is the enemys attack add up with your attack so that it does serious damage it wont kill it though but good with enemys that attack you with high damage

Im saying this because theres weaker people thank cant defeat higher and stronger players and retaliation isnt counter its 50% of the enemys damage added to your damage

Don’t wanna see any dinos skin melting off or whatever with all this talk of toxic :face_vomiting:

Also toxic has random affects of poison, bleeding, blind, and paralysis thats why i want it to be added for example amphibians can release toxins into their body

No they will not melt but will be coverd in slime

Well if someone is agianst what im saying comment so that i can persuade you to like my ideas and if you like some of the ideas comment about them and what you like about them

How about… break dance. This needs no explanation. Stegosaurus would obviously not be good at this but those long necked Dino’s will be awesome!

Jazz hands… the theropods come out on top here and a great way to balance out the stegod… But then -

The lawn sprinkler! Good luck, you little armed or longed neck freak of nature, stegs has got this one.

This all makes about as much sense, since most of the suggestions are based on how to beat higher level Dinos and players without putting in the effort.

Edit I just want to see dinosaur dance offs added to the game…

why not just make a move called “inferiority strike” where your opponents dino just dies if it’s higher level than your’s? :thinking: makes about as much sense.


Thats good but wouldnt it need a really long time to charge because that move is overpowered or you can use it one time only

Jazz hands has a 5 turn cool down.

they thought i was serious :joy:


How about an instant win button? You hit it and enter a dollar amount… And then it pops up on the other guys screen that instant win is active and you enter a dollar value to combat it. And who ever spends the most money wins the round. You only pay if you win though.

Lol thats your idea no one would pay😂

No one would pay to win