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New Moves?

Just some ideas I’ve had of interesting moves that could shake the meta a little bit. Do you guys have any ideas and what would you think of these?

Nullifying Rampage: I don’t know how this hasn’t been a move yet.

Gnash: 1X, Reduce Critical Chance to 0% and Distract 30% for 2 Turns. CD 2

Gouging Strike: 1X, Heal 15%
Gouging Impact: 1.5X, Heal 25% CD 2
Gouging Rampage: 2X, Heal 25% CD 1 Delay 1

Minimal Venom Bite: 1X, 0.17X Max HP DoT and Slow 33% 2 Turns

Venomous Stance: +25% Attack, apply 0.33X Max HP Venom DoT to next 2 attacks. Venom applies 33% Slow, both last for 2 Turns and stacks if hit again. Stance lasts 3 Turns, CD 2.

Defensive Stance: +10% Armor, 50% Shield, and Immunity for 3 turns. CD 2. Cleanses active negative effects when used. Chompers delight but Bleeders bane

Ambush: 1.25X, Distract 30% 2 Turns, Reduce Armor Rating by 5% until KO or Swap out. Reduction stacks until Armor is neutralized. CD 1

Charge:1X, 75% chance to Stun 2 turns. The non-priority version of Instant Charge.

Crushing Advantage: 2.25X, Destroy Shields. Sauropods only

Passive Evasion: 50% Dodge chance on every turn. Can be nullified on current turn, but it is reapplied automatically next turn until KO or Swap out. I think this would make the small Pterosaurs really interesting.

Passive Lockdown: Enemy Pinned until the passive ability holder is KO’d or swapped out. Cannot be cleansed, Immunes not affected. I think this would really free up the Croc move sets and make them particularly useful.


I thought a a cool new move I’m tentatively calling “butthurt cooldown.” Basically, anytime an indo dodges more than twice in a row, a stun lands even though the hit didn’t, or dracocera does anything, the player will have the option to activate “butthurt cooldown.” This will giv them a minute or two to get their :poop: together before they make the ill advised decision to throw their phone against a brick wall.

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I hope they give dracocera passive evasive tomorrow… man those salt threads would be epic.

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Dance: show off your epic dinosaur dance moves, kills instantly

Passive Evasion sounds wayyyy too overpowered…any creature that got it would basically be the ultimate in RNG play and put far too much pressure on any non-Nullifying creature in battle. Even if the pterosaurs got nerfed to compensate, the effect such an ability would have on the power curve of the creatures that got it is insane - a creature that’s completely unusable when RNG goes against it; but completely undefeatable when RNG works in its favour. If the Passive Evasion only lasted 2-3 turns and could be perma-nullified, I can still see it being decently balanced…but every turn makes it possible, however unlikely, that the user dodges every single attack thrown at it for the course of an entire battle.

Venomous Stance is conceptually a bit…odd though…personally if venom/poison was to be a thing in JWA I’d like it to be an attack kind of thing (e.g. Dilophosaurus spitting it at opponents). Also, Venomous Stance would be really overpowered (imagine a creature hitting you with 2 Lethal Wounds in succession). Personally, instead of focusing on the DoT, I think it would help if venom/poison abilities reduced the amount of DoT they did (e.g. to 12.5%) and had effects similar to your proposed Ambush (i.e. reduce armour till swap out).

Overall, interesting ideas. Some I’d like to see in-game, some…not so much.

I actually think these suggestions are excellent!

I would love to see variety added to this game and this is exactly what we need. Problem is ludia never adds any if our suggestions like this. Another player had an amazing suggestion thread that would really give this game some depth and non of his ideas were added.