New name - Indominus coward?


Faced my first Indominus Rex this morning (Arena 6). I led with my trusted Anky, IR comes out all bold and cocky. Smack, Immune, long protection, smack. Cloaking was useless. Buh-bye Indominus. :wave: Drops in Utah, gets smacked hard and pulls him for Concav who gets 1 shot dropped by an Anky smack. Indominus guy quits. I win by forfeit. Boo, I wanted to win that one right! I hadn’t even brought in the teeth yet. :t_rex::wink:

I wish I could always seed my teams with Anky. That lil guy saves my bacon more times than not.


What reason do I have to fake it? My Anky finished with 14 HP. And won. Sorry I’m not fast enough to screenshot it for you.


Don’t worrie just next story go bigger


I can see it. Some people think “ooo! I’ve got an epic fangbeast, now I can really stick it to the competition” without realizing that carnivores typically don’t last long by themselves without backup from armored or sauropod “tanks”.

That’s why you won, because the opponent’s strategy came crashing down.


It’s totally not a story, unless you file it under non-fiction. But whatever, ya’ll make me laugh. :joy: It probably was the only time I will beat an IR and since that battle I’ve lost 3 in a row, so it all evens out.


I never said it was a story. I can actually see that sort of thing happening.


Thank you!! I never thought people would doubt me! LOL (My son says I’m so naive in the gaming world.)


Dalek62771, the replies don’t seem to go in order…thanks for backing me up. My response was to the Doubting Thomas’s.


THAT is why I flagged that one guy. Negativity and animosity toward other players is something I consider inappropriate.


I appreciate that! Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:


No problema. I think he’s trying to come back with a witty retort. LOL I keep seeing him trying to reply, but giving up.


Takes a lvl 21 anky to 3 hit a 16 indom. Then to continue on and sweep a whole team of high dps dinos

I’m going to guess you wouldnt brag about beating someone you have 5+ levels on as that would be like bragging about winning in arena 2 with indom


Come on, dude… choose your words… you can do it!


Wow. Spoken like someone who blew a huge wad of cash on day one, just to get an edge over other players! I’ve beaten high level epic rexes that were twice my level. It takes skill.


My Anky is a level 13. I’m a 9 in arena 6. I don’t brag but I did win. Probably because my Anky did kill their IR and threw off their strategy like Dalek62771 suggested. Who knows?


I haven’t spent a penny. I just play a lot and am in arena 7. Rex is one of the most vulnerable in game, it’s only good vs crappy dinos like anky and a half its level common raptor beats it silly so I hope you could close your eyes and press a button and win vs it. If not I dunno why you would be playing


Everyone calm down hehehe


If someone shares a victory, especially one that they never expected, why should you feel threatened by it? Oh, right… insecurity over your own losses, or even the fact that you couldn’t take down an I-Rex. Just because a fellow player shares what’s clearly a milestone for her in game doesn’t give you or anyone else an excuse to accuse her of making it up.


Anky at level 13 having 3 crits can’t kill an indominus. It’s simple math (especially the way you said).


Well, it did. Don’t know what to tell you after that. I got the match, they didn’t.