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New nest idea in map

Welcome to the topic today we are going to talk about the New Nest Idea please enjoy

What is this nest idea
Well so you know how creatures spawn on the map when you click on the egg it will show you the creature there will be a 60% chance of seeing a nest in the map

What do they do
It’s simple it gives you dna of that creature over time it will give creature dna 3 times a day then tomorrow the eggs will hatch into that creature that laid the eggs and you can shot darts at them

A color will glow under the nest to show you the rarity but it will cost you to pay to hatch the eggs commons cost 50 coins rares cost 100 coins epics will cost 200 coins legendaries will cost 900 coins and final uniques cost at least 5000 coins and the higher the rarity the lower the dna you get

They will be a percent of getting a different rarity 80% chance of a common 50% chance of a rare 30% of a epic 10% of a legendary and final 1% chance of a unique

That is all folks I hope you like this idea ask my if you have have any comments or questions

Created by Dinosaur attack

Ask me if you have any comments or questions