New non hybrid legendaries

Rexy / Roberta
5400 health
1700 attack
105 speed
Group shattering strike
Group shattering rampage
Rending takedown
Fierce rampage

4900 health
1500 attack
110 speed
Cleaning strike
Group superior rampage
Taunting shield
Ferocious strike
Swap in ferocity
Group shattering counter

just call it group shattering rampage

Two rampage and rending takedown
Dont you think it’s op

Well kinda but the star of the franchise should be op

You could make rexy a raid boss and replace rex
or just add it and keep rex

Two shattering and a Rend takedown? TOO OP

Ok. I decided to chance fierce rampage against armor shattering rampage

Alloraptor: allow me to introduce my self and my 2 rampages with rending takedown

Allo has incredibly low health and a horrible speed tier for what it tries to do, so I think it’s fine

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so alloraptor, same thing but its actually fast and immune to decel

But see it’s health it is higher than even mortem and bulky mammolania