New obtainable/winnable player icons?


Idea: What if Ludia were to incorporate new player icons for players that earn a certain rank or unlock achievements, giving them a kind of unique icon that they earned to have

New Player Icons?

Idea: What if Ludia were to come out with earned/unlocked player icons? Like say a player achieves a certain rank in PvP or catches “X” of Dinosaurs or wins “X” many battles in PvP. Something that gives players something to show others the hard work or prowess they have in the game


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I’ve been wondering if we’ll ever get some new icons. Or be able to upload our own. I’ve been using the same one for months. I’m all for being able to unlock them like achievements. It’s something new to work toward and might inspire people to do things they normally don’t bother with in the game just to unlock icons.