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New opinions of Rat

Now that we have played with 1.11 a few days what does everyone think about rat? I personally feel like it wasn’t nerfed enough, it doesn’t swap in and kill you, but it kills you next move. So what do you all think? Rat haters, Rat lovers, and neutral I want you all to make your opinions heard. Be nice.

  • I still hate Rat! It needs nerfed more.
  • I think rat is balanced now.
  • I think it needs repurposed.
  • I loved rat before.
  • I love rat now.
  • Delete Rat!

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I like rat now. Not just for the obvious reason, but because people like me - that never boosted it - can use it. Before, it was worthless without lots of dmg boosts. But now that it does % based damage, it feels a lot more tactical AND usable. I put it on my team- and I dont even feel bad about it.

Well done ludia, thanks.


I think its balanced a lot more now. Still usable but you need to think about when to swap it in, instead of mindlessly swapping it in cause “oh enemy dino to spooky to deal with.” One thing I would like to see changed from it, however, would be the removal of Regeneration, simply cause I don’t like that it can swap-In -> cleanse the lockdown -> swap-out -> repeat, I feel like dinosaurs with offensive SIAs shouldn’t be allowed to cleanse their lockdown - but thats just my opinion on it.


It is now balanced and requires strategy. Something that was long lost in arena since its inception.


A true highlight of 1.11. I sure do hope it doesn’t get rebuffed. It’s already walking the borderline of “OP” as is, but I will settle for this.

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It’s swap in is balanced, but i think 1500 base attack is a bit much. I do have rats that stay on the field and are really troublesome.


I think it is op still, that damage is just wrong! If you take it ingredients Into consideration, it’s obviously Op, but it’s much better than before.

Yes! I agree 100%.

Finally no longer concerned about my erlido, procera getting one shotted, so yeah, seems a lot more balanced. I have come across a few rats already and they rarely rely on using the rampage, so not too concerned. Its hp (with boosts) still bothers me a bit though. It’s a rat, It doesn’t need lots of hp.


Would be biased of me to vote so I won’t, but I think another thing to consider is that without it’s ability to come out of the blue and one shot something, it might lower battle anxiety which will allow for a more focused strategy.


i still want rat to become 100% completely useless for the next like 5 patches or so (just as long as it has been ratting us)


Before update.

Get my Zor into battle to receive a Erlidominus rampage. Receive +1000 damage. Next turn enters DC and kills my Zor.

After Update.

Same scenario but my Zor can survive even if DC is +1900 base attack.

Things have changed for good


40% health for a finisher is just too much. I mean it’s nearly half the health of every creature. It doesn’t feel like a “finisher” to me. I think it should be Max 25% so it is in line with swap in bleed in terms of damage.
While savage cannot bypass shield and armor, bleed has 0 effect on immune, and the effect can be cleansed, it also counts the damage at the end of the turn which compensates for the fact that it can deal another 25% damage next turn - if the opponent doesn’t swap.


very good. i’m purchasing this from aliexpress to master new draco strategy:
pity they don’t have jwa themes… :cry:


I actually like that it can be used to actually fight, it encourages more using it as a fighter. That’s what pretty much every other critter does, even those that have similar styles, they at least deal 1 last attack before swapping out. With the rampage all it had to do is sit comfortably until it could either win the whole match, or gain a huge advantage over the opponent by removing stuff like Spyx in 1 swap in, then just heal and swap out unless an Erlidom is there. And often if an Erlidom is there, the Draco user has insurance: Tryko or Dioraja waiting to replace the rat and beat Erlidom.

Also, one of them tried to fight my Kapro and Draco lost because I had a sliver of HP left on him lol.

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Happy how it is now, voted for that, but I would really not mind if it’s erased from history. The nightmares!


Those I fight who still use it with the traditional style have had a 100% failure rate, those that have health buffed it to adapt aren’t faring well either.
I don’t think it is viable anymore. It’s just another replace and bench dino now.
Everyone should be able to find 8 better options.

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So happy it got nerfed.

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Would still prefer SIA to have some sort of counter, but Draco not going thru armour, shields and dodge is ok-ish. Having said that, I haven’t seen many since the update.

Draco itself wasn’t all that unbalanced. It was boosts that caused the problems.

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I think it’s balanced, though i would have done the change from regenerate and run in regeneration, and left regenerate and run as It was. I think 1500 damage is fine, the damage boosts are not for nothing for those who invested that way.

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