New option or glitch?

Has anyone noticed that in strike towers you can start the battle with only 1 dino on your team instead of the 4? I almost started a battle with my first dino picked accidentally. Which would have have been bad considering there was only 1 chance. So I picked another strike tower and tried intentionally with 1 and it started the battle. Just a heads up in case you haven’t noticed so you don’t waste a chance by starting it before you’re ready!

I hope it’s an actual change. It’s been saving me some time


Alloraptor!!! Yesssssss

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My guess is that it’s related to campaign 2.0. Some missions require you to use less then 4 dinos, so they had to update the team selection code to allow this. Strike towers probably use the code, so this change would affect them too. Either way, I like it.


Intentional or not I love this change. Save a little bit of time instead of having to select all 4 creatures


i have used lvl 12rex to defeat high hp strike tower 3months ago

I definitely agree that it’s a good option for sure! Just wasn’t expecting it, so I wanted to see if it was something everyone else noticed. If not, I wanted to give a heads up. Didn’t want anyone to have to pay 200 hc for another chance at a strike for accidently starting the battle before they were ready. I was aware of it through the campaign just hadn’t realized it changed with the strike towers too.