New Option To Remove Resource Pop Ups?

On My Mediocre Phone Jurassic World Alive Runs Quite Smoothly But The Moment I Try Going To Another Screen Like From Map To Group Or Sanctuaries To Options It Lags ALOT! This Is Especially Apparent When Returning To Map After Darting A Dino Or When A Recourse Card Pops Up So I Propose That There Should Be An Option To Remove Them And Have It Just Enter Your Inventory As It Makes The Game Unplayable For Minutes At A Time.

I hate to be that guy, but your post is very difficult to read when every word is capitalized.

Yeah There Are Multiple People Who Say That But It Feels Neat And Organized When I Do It This Way

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It’s not neat, nor organised. This is not how language works. The forum also doesn’t allow you to type in all caps or other languages, for a good reason. And I don’t know why this is even allowed. Please, I beg you, just type in a normal way.

No it’s not.
No horse in this race, but it is most certainly unprofessional.

Not Very Business And Formal Like, Yes But I Do It On Forms Of Media Like Youtube And i switch left and right so if it really is that much of a problem ill stop doing it.