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New Orange Supply Points - Locking Game



Same here…this is so annoying. I hope they will resolve this as soon as possible.

Same problem

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Same here too.

Same here. Note 10.

Ditto here. Android.

Same here …android

Same here, treasure chests are locked in same way… I’m an Android user as well

Same here, also android

Yeah suppy drops locked for me too. Before 15 minutes I played normally.

Same here, two iPhone7 and one hyawei p20lite, same bug.

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Can everyone try restarting their game?

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Same here , actually the only way to get back to the map after that is restarting the game, but when you try again the same thing happens.
iPhone 8 here

Everytime I clicked on the supply drop
It wont let me out nor give me darts. I tried restarting, reinstalling, and force stopping and still doesnt work. My phone is galaxy A10e

They have gotten smarter, they defy gravity!

(Angry Issac Newton sounds.)

Hey everyone, if you haven’t already, please try restarting your game and see if the supply drop is still causing issues.


Working again :smiley:

Good again, thanks @Ned for your great support

Not really a Bug, but where are the Orange Supply Points - used to be about 20 within walking distance now about 6. Nearly All replaced by Green Event points.

Orange Supply Points partially working now but after use can freeze some of the screen menu’s.