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New park layout

These are how my coin traps are set up if that helps?


Omg thank you so much bro that helps a lot!


That is aesthetically nicer, but you’re sacrificing percentage boost.


Aether and my set up will allow 32 Oasis (same as you), and 40 JHs, which I believe is quite a bit more than you.

I thought I might be… :sweat_smile:

Same as you’ve done with your clock towers but for oasis?

Ours takes up more space though and I don’t think it will share statues with other coin traps like yours. So if aesthetics and sharing statues is important, then I would keep what you got.

Correct, except that there will be 8 clocktowers that will have to be JHs because Oasis won’t reach from those 8 spots. I laid out the directions for Phoenix.

Ahh I don’t have clock towers though. So would my current setup be the best with what I have?

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So, boost our way would be 600% [(32×10)+(40×7)] (not counting any additional boss statues). Compare that to what you get (minus boss statues) and see if you think it’s worth it.

But only achievable with clock towers right? Don’t get me wrong I’d love to get some, I’ve been tempted on so many occasions but felt like saving my LP for 10k packs was the better option.

No, the 600% is with Oasis and JHs, unless my math is off.
Edit: what percentage are you getting now?

Oh! Now I’m really confused. 516% without boss statues.

OK, so our way would increase your percentage by 84% again, that’s with just Oasis, JHs, and whatever boss statues you’re using now. I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to share the boss statues like you do now though. I think you can. It depends if you have enough space for our setup.

Our setup is basically 4 arms that are 3 rows deep. Each arm starts at an edge of the paddock. You put Oasis side by side along guy paddock until they don’t reach, then you put JHs until they don’t reach. Then you just put two more copies of each row on each arm.


How does this look @Bandeezee?

Thnx for the layouts as well.


Nice :+1:

10 squirtles

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Thnx bro
10 skarmory

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also with boss statues:

That’s the setup. If you have 7% boss statues, they could share, you would just need your new trap one square closer i think, lol.
Edit: nevermind, it’s a prefect fit

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Thnx! :3
10 batman