New Pass Idea: Hadrosaur Hazard

This pass will consist of eight dinosaurs:
New: Corythosaurus (Epic)
Zalmoxes ( Legendary)
Hadros Lux Dna total: 100
Corythosaurus Dna Total: 500
Parasaurolophus Gen 2 Dna: 3500
Parasaurolophus Lux Dna: 300
Parasauthops Dna: 250
Zalmoxes Dna: 300
Pachycepholasaurus Dna: 500
Dracorex Dna: 1500
2 token refunds, 45000 coins, 400 bucks, 6450 Dna.


I feel like zalmoxes would work better as a rare or common, not a legendary


W yt channel tho

Everything here seems fine except for the hadros lux dna though at least its only 100

We got mortem rex dna from the last pass so hadros lux should be ok.

no tuoramoloch? :cry:

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