New Pass: Thoughts?

This topic is for you to post what u like about the new pass.

I enjoy it. I think it’s cool, even tho I don’t have a chance at brachiosaurus.

I bought both premium upgrades so far. First one because I wanted to commend Ludia’s initiative (which I find to be on a good track, despite poorly implementation as we all witnessed by getting NO rewards after completion of Season Pass…) and second one because I found prizes to be surprisingly attractive.
When I saw this, newest, one - I can only say: not in a million years, Ludia! Upgrade should bring some attractive, desirable prizes/dinos - for sure couple of Shunosauruses are far from it.
So, fine… this month I’ll only opt for standard non-atractive prizes in standard Season Pass… :man_shrugging:


So instead of a brachiosaurus pack u get an instant brachiosaurus at lvl 10?
Blue premium was way better - I bought it (got 3 blues) but for this one nahhh

This pass is extremely lack luster compared to last. We pay 10 bucks for what? Super DNA, some more bucks and loyalty points, and packs that give us mediocre creatures, none of which are exclusive, and then an instant hatched brachiosaurus? Not even like a brachiosaurus pack? Just one we don’t have to either wait a week for, or spend 1,600 bucks on? This one’s pretty sad compared to last months


This sums up my thoughts exactly.

Guess its good for those who want one or a few copies of her.

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