New passive abilities concept

So as we know: the only passive abilities there is are immunity and counters. So wouldn’t it be cool if there were more unique ones?

Sharp spines:
33% chance to inflict 0,2% wound damage for 2 turns after surviving a physical attack.
Given to: touramoloch, tuojiangosaurus, diorajasaur and sarcorixis

Iron will
5% chance to survive a killing blow with 1 HP remaining. The next attack will do x2 damage
Given to: Indominus rex and Trex

One with the pack:
Given to all members of the raptor pack.
When two or more pack memebers are in battle together, they will gain 0,2% more damage and health per pack member.

Locking jaw:
Has a 40% chance to lock down an opponent every time you survive a physical attack
Given to gryposuchus, sarcosuchus, purussaurus gen 1

Taken flight:
Makes you ”fly”. Makes you immune to stun and shattering attacks. Activated when the dinos in use. Gets removed by nullification.
Given to: darwinopteryx, darwizopteryx, pteranodon, stygidaryx and dimorphodon

So what are your opinions on these ideas?

Love this one :+1:

Should be given to all creatures bar the rats “Anti-Rat Iron Will”.