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New passive ability ideas

Just a couple of things I thought would add a little something to the game.

“Glancing Blows”
Passive - All armour piercing abilities against you instead are reduced by armour!

This passive would force the enemy armour piercing ability to instead be lowered by armour. Maybe only have this on dinosaurs with at least 30%+ armour so that other dinosaurs that have a little armour still take armour piercing damage, as there would be no reason for armour piercing if they all had glancing.
Something like Stegodeus and Nodopatotitan would make good candidates!

Or in the case of rat

Passive - You will avoid all swap in attacks

This would stop swap in attacks being abused, but as it would only stop attacks, things like swap in null and swap in distraction would still affect it.

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Nice!! I want some of these @Ludia_Developers

If you give avoidance to monomimus, it might become relevant again!