New Passive Idea - Spiked Armour

I have an idea for a new passive for spikes dinosaurs.

“Spiked Armour”
Passive - Any physical hit against you will also hurt the enemy for (some value to be decided, maybe 10% enemy hp?).
Not affected by distraction.

So basically each time an enemy with this passive is hit with an attack, it would cause damage to the enemy. It’s kind of like a counter attack except it would still work if the enemy was stunned, as you would still be running into the spikes.

Only attacks that physically come in contact with the enemy would count though, so distraction and nulls wouldn’t trigger it.

Edit: It would also sill hurt the attacking dinosaur even if your killed, as the killing blow still hit the spikes.
So say they rat you, you die but rat takes damage also!


I’ve been wanting a “Reflect Damage” type of ability ever since I realized that counter-attack won’t happen if your dino is stunned. :sweat_smile: You could even add in/tweak abilities to temporarily increase the amount of reflected damage, possibly also while reducing the damage the defending creature would take…

Make Tanks Great Again!


Yesterday I proposed that idea, but mine was that 20% of the damage received is returned to the adversary

it would be a good way to use the tanks again, and this will stop the wave of destruction caused by thoradolosaurus XD

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Yep I would like to see tanks made great again also, these days it’s all dodging or one shot fests!

This is my newest team member, when the enemy doesn’t have Thor or Tryko or another tank buster drawn she completely decimates the enemy team!

She is a pro Erlidom and Utahsino assassin lol

By the way her name is Noodle :hugs:, because players expect her to hit like a wet noodle, till she hits them haha!

And here is Noodle in action!



I love this idea, and there are a lot of spiky potatoes out there hehe
There could also be more abilities related to tanks, like a red shield that causes lethal bleed when broken, or a new priority invincibility move, a spiky shield, making the dino truly invencible for that turn and causing “spike” damage for attacking that turn, also not affected by distraction.

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Kentro,Ankyntro,Amargo,and Touramoloch should have like 10%-30% of the damage received is being reflected.
They have the sharpest and largest spike than any other creatures

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But GigaSPIKasaur has big spikes as well