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New patch update fixed hybrid & dart flash -Diloranosaurus


Just restart the game, noticed some files download.
(I use an android device)
Now we can create the 4 creatures not able to did before.
Dart flash also fixed.

And…here’s the status of new legendary, Diloranosaurus.


how about the blank map


That dino is fabulous.


What a true beast, I neeeed :heart_eyes:


How do you have more darts than what’s allowed?


You could do that by:

  1. Buy their darts pack.
  2. Opening incubators.

But my accounts stuck into unlimited darts bug in the last version. That’s the main reason.
That bug let your darts never decrease.
I didn’t even try to break the rule, just once I opened my JWA, it got reset to the beginning.
When I closed and restarted, my progress came back, with that unlimited dart bug.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Cuz I use some cash to speed up incubators, the darts amount kept increase.

They fixed that bug in ver.1.3. So my darts normally decrease now.
Will be lower than 140 in several days.