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New patch/update?

Anyone else got this ???


Is it safe ?

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Yes now the game is asking for an update! I am worried if it’s safe too :fearful:

Its annoying. I was trying to do a Raid, but this pops up. It better be for these glitches for them Raids, otherwise, I don’t want it.

I had that two, you should be fine. I have played on it after it and while I see no changes, I haven’t had any negative affects

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Yeah I was annoyed when we were forced to do it considering what had been going on with it. But so far it seems safe. I haven’t had issues.

anybody notice any change? Like achievements or something? Can’t get on right now to see for myself but just curious

Not from what i can tell. The # of achievements haven’t changed.

Well its problematic, cause I don’t have enough space for this crap. For nothing to be changed or added or anything is a waste of time on my part. Now I got to do mad dashes on my phone to delete the things that I want to keep.

Did the update it seams safe enorf :sweat_smile:

Apparently i missed some badges in my progress and was re-rewarded those from the ingame letter in the left corner, and the boost strike is more visible than before the update ( i could se 1 in the horisont ) other than that i havent notice anything .