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New person

Y’all I finally got a new person :joy::joy::joy: yayy

Who is that?

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Sheng Zhao. I haven’t come across him again yet though, so I’m still waiting for that to happen.

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His name is Tomas antol and he’s a prince haha

Which one is that ?

I just matched with Sheng!

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Never mind, I was thinking of someone else. But Sheng is available too.

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I got him too! I think he’s Sheng’s counterpart, which I didn’t connect until later when I got Shang again and now I can’t match with him. He’s the one I’ve been trying to get forever so I’m kind of sad lol oh well!

I also saw a new person, at least someone I had never seen before. Can’t remember the name but he was blond and had a football uniform on. Couldn’t match though.

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Ohhh ok gotcha and I know who your taking about I haven’t been able to match with him either