New phone - advice needed


Dropped my phone while out hunting last night and destroyed the screen; hoping to get it fixed but if I do need to get a new one will the profile be retained via the play store (I’m on Android) or do I need to use Facebook - seen some scare stories about syncing and lost profiles. Anyone got any experience?


I’m interested too as i’m looking to upgrade my phone in November. I logon via PlayStore too, i’ve always assumed that will restore your account when you download and connect to it on a new phone. But anyone with experience will be good to hear from.


If your account belongs to a Google account it will. I went from Z5 to Huawei and it kept my profile.
Just make sure you log in with the same Android account.


Worse case scenario is always screenshot your game key! Although it will take a while Ludia support can always retrieve your game


Thank you for the advice … cost more to fix than to replace so expecting a new phone tomorrow. Can collect from supply drops and do strike events but can’t dart :frowning:


No hassle with google play account, I have changed phones & all still worked


Swapped from an s8 to a pixel 2 xl last week - account on Google play came over no problems.


Rather than make a new topic ,i thought i would ask here.
I have the note 9 i wondered if anyone else who has it has been able to use the S pen to dart? I think accuracy would be improved using it over a finger.


Just fired up 1.4 on my new phone which was activated during the maintenance window - all creatures, etc. restored without hiccup and it looks beautiful.