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New Phone: Can't Get Into Old Account

I just got a new phone. When I went in to log into my account (level 20, been playing forever), none of the available sign-in options get me to where I can access my old account. The three sign-in options it offers are:

  • Login With Facebook
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Guest

When I click on any of the options, it always ends up with me being led to creating a new account and starting from scratch. I guess the Facebook account I’m using is not the one I originally used with this game, but can’t figure out how to sign in with the account I had under an older email.

Anyone have any suggestions for what to do here? If I have to start over, there’s absolutely no way I would ever play this game again lol…

Try logging in to game center if you connected your account to game center.

I never connected Game Center, so it wasn’t that.

do you happen to have the support key from your account? Support can use that to overwrite one of the new accounts with it so you can have your game back.

I don’t know what my support key was either unfortunately. I wish I’d known to write it down…

The other option is to use your ingame name and the numbers right after it. If you don’t know the numbers, if you have outside communication with your alliance, one of them should be able to look for you.
you may be able to look with your “new” account as well if alliances are available. Just search for your alliance and find your account. tapping on the name will show you those numbers.

You’ll probably be asked some verification questions as well by support. It may take a couple of days to get the process done as it is a bit of back and forth through email.

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Thanks for your help Qiew! I will try that and hope for the best!

Getting no response from Ludia’s support. Ugh. I’ve tried their built-in chat messenger in-game twice and received no response. Also no answer to my email from 2 days ago.

What did you do with your old phone?

Your details may still be available from that.

Unfortunately they aren’t. I stupidly went in and logged out of my old account to see if it would show me what method of logging in I was using, but it then directed me to make a new account on the old phone also.

What do I do once I have the old support key?

Message support with that support key and explain what’s happened.
They will guide you through it from there