New phone... must start over?

My son was playing as a guest (I still have his guest account friended). He got a new phone, but installed and is starting from scratch. Is there a way to link it to his old guest account?

Log in(both of your devices) with Facebook or Google PlayStore(for Android) or I think Gamecenter(for iOS).

The other phone died. He wasn’t logged in via facebook.

He had a guest account name and #XXXX

I can still see it as an active guest account in my friends list

Well… that’s unfortunate. I don’t see an other way.

Can you contact support with his ingame name and and number?
Do you have a screenshot of his support key?

Hello, @Posaune, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to your son’s account. I know how frustrating it can be to lose one’s in-game progress but our team would be happy to help find your son’s old account. Could you contact us at, including the following information:

  • his old guest account’s name and four-digit code (#XXXX)
  • his new account’s support key (this can be found at the bottom-middle of the loading screen)

Sending us screenshots of your son’s name (and his new account’s login screen) are likely the easiest way of ensuring that there is no confusion. If you tap on their name in your Friends list, the resulting popup window will display the first set of required info. Along with his new account’s support key, we should be able to have his old account’s information transferred to his new one, so that your son doesn’t lose all the work he had previously put in. Thanks!


Well done, sir. Well done.

Thank you, I sent