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New player, dino bucks question


Hey - I’m a new player and I was wondering what’s the best use for Dino Bucks? I’ve used a few for more simultaneous incubations (I keep 2 incubators running, using the 10 bucks one for legendaries, and I had all 4 running at one point), but I’m not seeing much use for them otherwise except the Gyrosphere fights, which I don’t think I should be risking any time soon.



Yeah I never, ever play the gyrosphere events

Save them. You will find use soon enough and they are one of the most useful resources later in the game, you cant have enough of them in my opinion

I use them for speeding up hatchings and evolving and cooling down dinosaurs after fights

Soon you’ll start seeing creatures with 2 days incubation up to 7 days which cost over 1,000 bucks to speed up, its too expensive for me so I rarely do it.


I mostly use mine for to keep the hatchery and fusion chambers running


I don’t think that you will have enough bucks in the first months go spend them for anything. Save them and later use them mainly to speed up your hatching time. There will be a time when you are gonna have tons of dinos to hatch.
For example I speed up rares when it is cheaper than 50 bucks, extremely rare when less than 100, legendaries when less than 300 and all creatures that have a week hatching time when is cheaper than 500 bucks.
But I am playing now for 2.5 years and have a number of bucks in my safe.


Hmm, I currently have 2k bucks, 4 creatures in the market, and three in the hatcheries. I COULD speed them up, but besides a Prionosuchus that would actually improve my fighting team, I don’t really have any urgency on them.

I guess I’ll hold on to the bucks until I need them for an urgency speeding or something interesting comes along.

Thanks everyone.


You’ll also want them to upgrade your food production


Of course, that is so long ago that I forgot.


Try not to use them for expansion. You’ll unlock expansions for coins as you go along.


Oh, it takes dino bucks further on? I think all it needed so far was coins (and hitting a level multiple of 5, of course). I’ll keep that in mind.

As for expansions, yeah, I’m a bit strapped for space right now, but I don’t need space RIGHT NOW - there’s only 1 dino in my market that I can’t drop with my current space right now, and I’m hoping to level up before she’s the only one left in the market.


Like others have said, there are a few things worth spending dino bucks on, and many that are not.

Leveling up food production. I think the last two steps are 1000 and 3000 dino bucks.

Keeping your hatchery full. The first free spot is great for common/rare creatures with fast hatch times. The other three I fill with creatures that take days to hatch. Tuesday morning is hatchery speed up day. I think at most I’ve burned 20,000 bucks speeding up week long incubation creatures.

Creation lab for evolutions. It is usually cheaper to wait for the discounts to speed them up than filling extra tubes at 200bucks a pop (current price).

PVP play. 5 dinobucks a play. I played ten rounds today at lunch, came out around 200 bucks ahead.

Occasionally to speed up a dino cooldown to reuse a creature rapidly. This is probably more of a tournament/daily event thing if you are running out of time.

Occasionally a trade harbor deal for bucks is amazing. Usually not.

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I definitely wouldn’t spend bucks to speed up unless you need the space OR need a quick turnaround on what you are hatching, and doesn’t sound like you are there yet. Likewise at the lower levels you rarely need to use speedups in tournaments since the cooldown on your dinos will be so much shorter. That assumes of course that you know what you are doing in battles and can win matches until you are getting very overmatched at which point you have to wait to drop down so speeding up your cooldown is hardly necessary.

For that reason as well I’d say it’s definitely worth spending bucks on PvP play but at first you may not win often enough to make it all back so consider it mainly practice. It’s a much better practice than the gyro tours and more closely resembles competing in tournaments. Check past posts on this forum for help on how to win at PvP, with a lot of practice I’ve gone from losing a majority of the time to a few weeks later I now am probably winning 80% of the time or better, and I can basically play PvP until I go through my entire roster and almost always make back the cost. That’s a bit harder to do on Novice level but by the time you get to Intermediate, prizes like bucks, DNA and even gold packs will come up often enough to balance out the cost.

The lottery may also be worth putting some bucks into depending on what you need most. Generally I try not to use bucks but there have been a few times that I have when I felt it was beneficial (recent lottery for S-DNA of a particular type comes to mind). There was a recent post on here about it (might have been buried in another topic) that had some great information on how getting to the gold and diamond levels in the lottery will net you more rewards that it costs to play.

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Thanks for the tips.

PvP is actually on a bit of cooldwon because I got a Wuerhosaurus drop from the prize drop, and that diva takes 3 hours to rest. She’s also made Events and VIP suuuuuperfun, because now everything’s keyed off of her ferocity, and the rest of the roster isn’t quite there yet - a lvl 10 T. rex and Prionosuchus are 2nd and 3rd place, which is why if push comes to shove I might drop some bucks into speeding up the hatching second Prio drop I got, seeing as it’ll bring her closer to the Wuerh, and, as an amphibious, she’ll be perfectly suited exactly against the stuff that’ll give the Wuerh the most trouble.


With PvP it’s going to match the ferocity of the dinos you select to put up against the “opponent” I believe so it shouldn’t be an issue if you have one that is way past the rest of your roster… it’s really mainly the PvE events that it will be an issue. I often don’t use my top dinos if there are other events going on anyway but I’ve had pretty good luck even with the Intermediate prize wheel so I’ll work my way down the list as long as I’m at least getting that one. I have gotten quite a few gold packs from that Intermediate wheel so it’s definitely worth playing when you are a newbie. I expect a few months from now I’ll want the Advanced or better. And there’s definitely a different level of challenge that is worth practicing for events that restrict you to using only commons or rares.

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