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New player here, how to improve lineup?

Hi, so I’ve been saving up resources for a while and I want to know if I should be doing something with it. I feel like I should be starting some sort of project with all that DNA since 20k DNA sitting there doesn’t help me get any stronger, but I’m not sure what to do at this point. My biggest worry about my lineup right now is that my top carnivores and pterosaurs fall off a huge cliff from my top 2 herbivores and amphibians and when it comes to tournaments I’d want more type coverage and bringing a 373/175 Alangasaurus into Hunter and Predator just feels bad when comparing to the stats of my top 4. I mean, I could always just sit back and chill but I really don’t think saving up a ton of DNA would really benefit me in the short term.


I would get Alangasaurus up to 30 or even 40, he is a good money maker and for you would be a benefit for you line up. I would also say try to get any of those super rare flyers to around 30, maybe 35 if you want to.


Level up those kapros and postos first, they will help you in tournaments alot, then work on adding some carnivores around your top creatures ferocity, alangasaur is cheap so get him to 30 at least

Also to add on to that ophiacodon is great I’ve got 3 of him that I use at level 40 as a sweeper even in predator stage, you could work on leveling him up


Always a good feeling to get your dinos into a new evolution level

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I like how we pretty much gave the same advice, forgot to mention pteras though :joy:

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Its fine. More advice, more knowledge. Speaking of which, I just got my Micro to level 40. What should I do next?

I would work on getting as many legendary to level 40 to compliment micros ferocity, you could also work on rare hybrids to level 30 at least too.

So with legendaries its gonna be cheaper dna wise than rare hybrids, but rare hybrids have quicker hatch rates.

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Ok. I will likely go will a mix. Trex will be first, as he only needs 3 more to get to level 40. For the hybrid, Im gonna go with pachyceratops, as he is level 20 and I need herbivores. Thank you. Apparently, I only need to buy one, as I had 2 free. I have no idea why or how I have them.

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Pachy at level 30 has similar stats to level 40 unaysaurus :facepunch:

Wish I had pachyceratops unlocked, great coin earner also.

T rex is brilliant at level 40 still use him in predator for wins, I use suchomimus, shuno and thera as punching bags :joy:

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Yeah I love using Ophiacodon, literally has almost the same attack as my Antarctopeltas. The only reason why he’s not 40 already is I feel like it’s an awfully large commitment to throw in 4*780 DNA for 10 levels. You sure about leveling up kapro and posto? I literally have diplotator and microposaurus as my top 2 lol.

Mine is already 20, and I like to use him, so at 30 he will be right next to Unyasaurus hopefully, and Unya can get a buddy

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Yes. They get great hybrids down the line, and Kapro is a meat shield while Posto is an awesome glass cannon.

Yeah, I can tell the tank and glass cannon part lol. Just seems a little overkill on the amphibians to do it right now, doesn’t it?

They should be a bit lower than them currently. So use them more in the beginning, that why you can save your tougher amphibians for later. Also, if you have Quezt unlocked, its pretty good at 40 for your line up.

I saw them at low levels and straight away was like ooo kapro ooo posto, I love them 2, so take cheeseater advice and work on pteras :joy:

Obv still work on them but this order

  1. Pteras
  2. Alangasaurs
  3. Posto, kapro

I swear the game’s actually trolling me though. So I make Diplotator because he stronk. Then I get Microposaurus out of last tournament. Then I get a Kapro out of a mod PVP. Then I get another Kapro out of a random Silver Rewards pack. Then game does Earth Shattering event for Kapro. Is it just me or does it look like the game’s doing this on purpose?

Its telling you not to spend dna.

Just level up the creatures the game gives you your at a very early stage of the game so leveling up and fusing everything you get free is essentially the best way to go, dont go spending dna unless you really have to or until you’ve got a good amount, anything over 100,000.

Yeah. If Kapro was a carnivore or pterosaur I’d already have put it to 30 by now, but nope, it’s another amphibian. I swear every single thing the game’s giving me for free is an amphibian. Oh btw I have a Raja pair and Supersaurus pair, do I get them to 20 or nah? It won’t really affect my lineup too much.

Yes increase everything that you’ve got so you’ve got a deep bench.

I’m saying this because even as a vip member (discounting legendary hybrids) i cant remember the last time i actually went to the market and pressed purchase on a creature, the games giving me so many dinos that I dont need to do that, even as non vip I would still get half and i can make about 3 or 4 copies of the same level 40 legendaries without spending a single amount of dna

Anyways its 2 am here I’m out raptor, keep building bro :facepunch:

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If the games giving you amphibians build on this and make stegoceratops with the dna you’ve saved not investing on diplotator which you dont actually need because of all the free amphibians

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