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New player here, how to improve lineup?

Um. Problem being, it started giving me only amphibians AFTER I made Diplotator.

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There you go

It might not seem like a lot now but building creatures like diplotator and antarctopelta are a big drain on dna, you should have worked on leveling your super rares first and then started on legendaries and rare hybrids, it would’ve been much better flow and you would have a deeper bench by now for sure

You’ve got a very low park level, your doing well for your level so it will come in time

Edit: so to add on to this first step focus on getting your super rares to level 40.

Then second step work on your legendaries and rare hybrids only once you’ve got a good number of maxed super rares.

  1. Buy stuff
  2. Feed stuff
  3. Evolve stuff

Hope this helps.

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Lmao, thanks. Very specific advice you got there :joy:

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Hatch everything the game gives you as quickly as possible, if you are doing all of the daily events this should be sufficient for increasing your bench.

Only spend DNA when you truly need to based on needing one more copy of something for a critical evolve.

All four of your hatchery pods should be going all day every day unless you are down to only rares or commons in your market that need to be hatched.


I have to say … you’ve saved up alot of resources I’ve just hit level 55 this week and and then only I started evolving hybrids … before I just used to hatch all my unlocked creatures and get them to the max level as soon as I can and I’ve still not bought that 7k dna Dino and invested in other unlocked creatures in its place

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Okay I’m sitting on Zhejiangopterus 30 and Tropeognathus 30. I’m assuming it’s not a good idea to go straight for Tropeogopterus right now? I’m estimating a cost of around 5000-6000 DNA if I go for it and besides, Tropeogopterus 10 is for some reason a lot weaker than Zhejiangopterus 40, so to match the firepower of Zhejiangopterus 40 I would need Tropgopterus 15 or so, which costs another 7000 DNA and that’s like 13k DNA right there

I think almost every hybrid at L10 is weaker than it’s stronger parent.

The common rule is if you can’t make a second hybrid to fuse right away to make it stronger, don’t fuse it to begin with.


Trope is not a good starting hybrid too costly for you when your this early in the game.

I would build up the creatures that you have first before starting on hybrids, not only will you lose 2 creatures from making the hybrid but to get it to a point where it would be helpful… well your better off spending dna elsewhere for now :+1:

While I agree it is costly, I had made two L20 when I first started because it was my only Ptero hybrid I could unlock.


It was the first I unlocked also, plus I think I got about 6 in total for coins at the TH CT

I guess some more information you might want to know is, my strongest creature right now is I believe weaker than a Zhejiangopterus 40 would be, or at least very close to. A Tropeogopterus 10 is slightly weaker than my top dinos, and a Tropeogopterus 20 would be significantly stronger than anything I have.

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tape is best pterosaur :wink:

Not anymore.

Not for me :wink:

How close are you to the hybrid?

The hybrid of Tapejalosaurus

there’s still a little bit of dna for unlock but I really don’t want to do…

I get it. I’m nowhere near unlocking it. Plus, it just doesn’t look good.

He has good stats but accumulating s-dna is difficult…