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New Player--I Need Advice on Leveling


Re: Mid-range level dinos:

I’m not quite 75% of the way to Level 6. So far, I have been leveling my dinos whenever possible for the XP. However, I know it won’t be long before gold becomes an issue. Does anyone have any advice on where to strike a healthy balance between gaining XP and leveling the dinosaurs I want to level?


If I were you I’d get to level 10 then start saving your coins. Obviously you need to start leveling so you can create the hybrids you want/need. Look at other peoples teams and if you can try only level the dino’s that will be useful in the future and may still be in your team. I’ve got loads of levels wasted in dino’s I will never use.


general rule would be to level commons to 15, rares to 10 and epics to 15. this is what you need for most hybrids. some need 20/15/20 but that is probably further down the line for you. this way you aren’t over leveling dinos you probably won’t use which wastes DNA for fusing as well as coins.


Pause and assess at each major level (5, 10, 15) to weed out the dead ends


I recommend you as well not to waste coins on dinos that don’t have hybrid and try to level up first the ones you will use in battle.
Then, you will need to figure out what kind of player you are: if you don’t bother catching dinos for hours, it is not a priority to gain Xp, since that the amount of dna gained increases just of 1 per each level up. Otherwise, in my style of play, I don’t have much time going out of my house, I’ll make a rush and upgrade every dino (that have an hybrid I will use in the future) when I am aobut 3/4 of the Xp needed to go to the next level, so that I can have more dna in the few hours of the day I can go out for dinos.