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New player. Is level 7 max for all warriors of water deep characters

So my wife and I have started playing. We’ve both got our cleric tp level 7. But it had a padlock symbol and says max l3vel 7.
Is 7 the max level for all toons ?
Can you get their ability to level ?
If not can you get better chars that can level higher ?

Increase your Renown to increase your character level cap. Your Renown increases when you level up characters. Renown information is the number in the hexagon on the top left. Tap it to get more information.

What’s max level

20, I believe.

But, you have to level up your characters sort of evenly.

In order for you to be able to level above 7, you need to level up other characters more levels. If you tap on the number in the upper left, it will show you. Also, as you level up, the border around that number fills in. When you fill it all around, your level cap will increase.

7 is definitely not the highest, it’s DnD based, highest is 20 unless they introduce paragon levels