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New player looking for advice on arena

Hi all I’m new to both the game and on here was just looking for advice on my team to help me climb in badlands currently at 2300 but it’s a bit like a yo-yo at the moment in wins and losses

change ankylocodon to use carbonemys

Ankylocodon is very good in raids but not in the battle arena

Use raja she is amzing

Meh… It’s not bad but not so good

Thanks for the help i know it isn’t great that’s why I’m currently yo-yoing could i ask who is raja?

Rajasaurus, your lvl 14 counter-attacker

Ok so if i swap ankylocodon for the tortoise sorry I’m not quite good with names yet who should i swap raja for?

Don’t use It😂 It isn’t so good

I will try both and see who i get the benefit from the most

ok! (10…)

Get Thylacotator too. You could use both Sucho and Thyla if ya want, but I will say most Suchos I see are taken down easier than Thylas depending on your opponent

Just stay level-headed and whatever you do, don’t open any wallets

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Haha thanks for the advice. I do enjoy the PvP side of this game and is frustrating when coming up against far better dinos you know you can’t beat

No I’m being serious, as nuts as it sounds, you’ll feel like your making even less progress with the way matchmaking punches you in the face. Oh, it doesn’t yet? Wait until you hit Estate, and Aviary is where it gets nuts. I find it fun to roll with the punches but if you open a wallet, you’ll suck the fun out of the game

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