New player, SLOW LEVEL

I became lvl 50 on my 10th day thanks to the guides I found. Now I’m on my 14th day and I’m only lvl 52. Is there a way to lvl up fast again? I had 25 common at lvl 40 but I fused some of them. Here is my line up, I try to keep them as balanced as I can. BTW im trading my aquatic and cenozoic dinos, is that a good idea?

That leveling speed sounds about right.

The reason why you are leveling slower is because the mission experience given is about half of what it was before level 50. Not sure if you noticed you were getting 100K experience just before level 50 and now it should be less.

Levels will be slow from now on. You used to get 2 missions most of the time but now you get 1 mission at a time. Most of my levels now are from using coins to build decorations.

About your ceno and aquatics, it’s up to you how you want to play. Some players are only here for the Jurassic dinos. However, you should keep/hatch about 10 of each ceno/aquatic before trading the rest off. It might be hard to finish some daily events otherwise.


The best ways to gain levels are to hatch and evolve creatures, buy and place decorations (as high as possible), work story missions, complete daily missions and Code-19s, and open up new territory. I would strongly advise against using Dinobucks to unlock territories as that causes other issues, but that is your prerogative.

We have at least two Cenozoic events/week and at least three (if you are VIP) Aquatic events/week. Every once in a while Cenozoic or Aquatic creatures are used in tournaments. We last had an Aquatic tournament in September with a Cenozoic tournament coming almost a full year ago. But that doesn’t mean there’s not one just around the corner. Additionally, if you are trying to complete the story missions, some of them require Cenozoic creatures. Plus, there are badges for certain creatures. Depending on your goals for the game, neglect these areas at your own risk.


When should I start hatching legendaries?
I have a couple I traded for dna and the rest I’m hesitant on hatching since I believe pve would be harder. When would be the best time?

As @Nestea said, from now on, missions will give you half or even less then half the xp they used to give. I am also lvl 52 and I moticed a few different things between us. I took some more days then you to reach lvl 52 because I didnt omly hatch commons lvl 40. That was something that came in my mind many times because it would speed up my mission progress alot but,at the same time, I wanted to get better in tournaments and so started to hatch super rares and rares to lvl 40.
I think you could start hatching those legendaries and I would keep them at lvl 10. I hatched my trex as soon as I got him and he was lvl 10 for a long time and I didnt feel dificulties winming PvE. Then, when I started to get lvl 40 rares i did more lvl 10 legemdaries.
Here is my lineup if you want to see it
I have two 10k LP creatures that really boost my ferocity, increasing the difficulty of PvE a little bit but I only notice that difficulty in two or three events of all of the events I ever did.
As you have alot of commons, you could start hatching the commom hybrids. They are realy good as you can see (top 3 and 4) on my lineup and they dont cost that much food (compared to lvling up a super rare to lvl40)
Also, You have more then 10k LP so i woild recommend you to open one of the 10k pack
About trading ceno and aquatics, I only did that once and it was when I started getting them. I dont do it because eventually, I am sure they will have a use, probably missions. You probably already did that quest that requred three lvl 15 cenoz. I guess it will probably go to lvl 25 in some episodes. So, when I have time, I hatch them and leave them at lvl 1 in casa I need make a higher lvl.


Is your account vip?
I opened my lp pack and got aquatic haha

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Its my first week. I am using the free trial. It ends tomorrow and i am still deciding if I buy one month or not :thinking: well, dont be sad, i got two aquatic in 10k pack so it happens to everybody.

I started a second game just to play around a bit. It’s really easy to get to a point, especially around level 50-60 where you just don’t have the dino army built up to advance level wise and complete missions as fast as the early park levels. In a nutshell, it’s now time to start focusing on building dinos and coin generation capacity versus missions only. That way you can enjoy the other aspects of the game, like tournaments, daily missions and the like. I hated grinding away at missions, and want to say I was stuck on level 54 for a month.


I too was stuck in the mid-50 levels for about a week and then I started to think about the benefits of following the mission so closely, there’s little gain.

Mission rewards are not great and experience is greatly reduced, instead of increased. A lot of it is repetitive, consecutively too. “Collect 2.5 million coins from buildings” right after, “collect 3.5 million coins from buildings” come on! I need to complete the quest “Sell all your buildings.”

Then I thought about making hybrids for coin generating and possibly help out in Tournaments. So, all I did for a week was make common hybrids.

I am level 76 now, gaining 1-2 levels per day. My last mission that I completed was something like “Complete Battle Stage 54”.