New Players Should Recieve Rollback Boosts+

Its a slow progress now but rollback stats were a lot to start with, as opposed to 0. Or we just want new players to never stand a chance, not sure…


The amount you were given after the rollback was what you should have earned through your daily 10 kill prizes So in theory those would have to be earned by a new player just like anything else

exactly. all that was given to us was what we earned.

that was my argument before stat boosts were implemented. it was always going to be a problem for new users. i guess thats why they wanted to sell them daily.

So basically all the players who are in lockdown and possibly lower and above are all stuck with eachother. Whatever accounts that were active that day whether they purchased or not, got boosts.

Any accounts that were not active will just stay low forever. Which I doubt is good for either side. They will never progress enough. As they will never catch up with the amount of boosts we have. Unless we quit for a few months.

Anyway. I didn’t make this to start a debate.

I made my son his own account (so he stops going on mine lol) about a week ago. He is 7 years old and progressing well with my help. So I question, at what point will he begin to fight boosted dinos that have rollback boosts? And basically have to dropdown on purpose? As they collect the same amount of boosts from dailys and towers now. But they started off with a lot more so there’s no catching up…

As seen in this thread everyone got boosts whether they purchased some or not: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

Its a personal problem but I could see new players suffering this problem globally soon.

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thats for ludia to care about. its been talked about many times before. im with you not against.

Newbie players aren’t meant to be on an even playing field… in any game. Long term users will always be ahead of a fresh account.

Someone that starts a new account tomorrow wouldn’t have even known about the boost reset. They would just naturally assume (or they should with any type of common sense) that natural game progression will lead to stronger and more difficult battles


They should all get the St Pat’s day unique event, too - since they missed that.

Makes perfect sense.

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difference between when we started and now them, weconly had to worry about dna and leveling. they need coins and cash for both leveling and boosts. granted you can gain more tiers by boosting. then what though?? they will never be ranked 1. probably never… i fail to see the point of this game anymore.

This forum makes it worse :joy:

I can get behind this type of sarcasm

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There will be a gap from the start just like before boosts. Players race to 30 and race to the top. Eventually ppl catch up. Progression will still be just that. Once ppl reach cap on boost lvls they hit a wall. So other players will be gaining ground. Just like before. They will also have a slight advantage because we basically did the hard work. In determining what to boost and what to focus on.


I started on day 1, global release, over a year ago (currently in the upper 4,000s; let’s not talk about the effect of update 1.7 on my trophies here). I know I’ll never be number 1 - neither do I want to be. The players on top of the LB have put a lot of time and resources into this game and deserve to be where they are.

If new players are willing to put in the time (and resources) they too can progress to the leaderboard… in due time. But you always start at the beginning and don’t expect to be given something that happened before you even started; your peers start at the same level and don’t have any advantage either.


Instead of removing boosts from the game entirely, Ludia should give all players, old and new, enough boosts to get all available creatures to tier 10. Then, they can start working on a new and hopefully less disruptive way to roll out “Super Boostz” in 1.8.


No we won’t need a st pats day for my son joke or not. Anyway at night, every Tarbo and raptor I find I switch to his and get them too his Tarbo is lvl 8 in a week. And with sino alliance he already has lvl 15 sino. So the way I hunt Tarbo he will have Thor soon lol. Don’t need uniques we will get them.

But how useful will they be with such low boost amounts compared to the free rollback. Fun to see some say we worked for boosts lol. They were given free to every active account iirc.

If you’re the one doing all the darting, is it still your son’s account :thinking:?

I just do the night hunts he can’t too young, has to go to bed. So raptor and Tarbo.


I’m going to guess at mt sibo or ss arcadia is when it will get too tough for flat rate daily boosts. When will they catch up lol? Never, if you ask me, how many stat boosts do you think they reward you with in those bottom arenas? My guess is if any its 1 point.

How long will it take to catch up to us, those who started from free rollback amounts… Answer is never.

You are an awesome parent for doing this. I withdraw my question.

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