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New players


Ok, so I am officially complaining about the unfairness of this game. I pre registered for this game and from the off I thought it was a great game. However I now see it is no better than any other game that looks after its New players rather than those who are already signed up.
The I started this game I had to work hard to get my team together and, like most of us, had to start with low level dinos. Should have waited as a friend of mine signed up today got 6 dinos and one of them was the Epic Sinoceratops. Would love to know the justification for that


Uh… you mean he found an epic in the wild after signing up while you didn’t? Maybe there was one around when he signed up… its not catering to new players but dinos do roam.

If you’re talking about incubators, then its RNG and he got lucky perhaps. Or maybe he spent a few $$ for one of those x4 packs (when you level up)?


Nope, I mean he caught his first dino (a velociraptor) tapped the t-rex head to see his catch and there it was, along with a stegosaurus with over 2000 DNA, a protoceratops level 6, a majungasaurus with 400 DNA, a Nodosaurus level 6. All just sitting there