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New Pliosaur


The Cumnor Monster Mandible was from the biggest Pliosaur to ever exist. I fact, it was the jaw that inspired the “Walking with Dinosaurs” Liopleurodon. However, it was later found to not be a species of Liopleurodon. Right now, it is uncertain to what species it truly is. This pliosaur would have a skull longer than 10 feet. It’s body would also exceed that of 60 feet. This should be added to the game as a Pliosaur with a custom animation. This is because of the fact that the current Pliosaur animations are made for relatively small pliosaurs not exceeding 30 ish feet. This Pliosaur should preferably be introduced through a tournament as well. Since it’s exact species is undefined, it would be unclear to what name it would be given in-game.


Hey they shou!d really add that to jurassi c world the game as a unique legendary
Or a vip dino