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New poll in game

The question is will Pyrri get the most votes but be left out of the event???


I actually think Ardont has a good chance of winning. After seeing how people are going for the rares this week. But I hope Max wins the Unique vote!


I wondered the same, but we don’t actually think Ludia messes with the results right? We have no proof.

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OH my. TUTRLE. and i need all three uniques, but i really want maxi

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Turtle is obv the cutest one there is :smile:


Turtle and Nasuto obviously


Vote for pirry for the legendary!

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Nasuto, Lion, and Echo
Turtle and Blue


there were a lot of good options in this one.
Blue and turtle
i would’ve picked pyri, but maxi is what i’m going for after smilonemys and i need to get my ardonto to 20.

Let’s not mess this up like last time, okay lower players?


Maxima will probably be tough to dart.

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I’ll be voting for the following. Tell me if you agree:

Common: Scolo, Gali, Euoplo.

Rare: Dracorex, Nasuto, and Echo.

On Epic: Blue and Turtle.

Legendary: I’d want Ardonto, but isn’t choosing Pyrritator better for others? It would save people on fusing with irritator DNA. I’m not working on Magna any time soon though.

Unique: Maxima.


Scolo, mirag, galli -scolo
Nasuto, echo, dcg1 - nasuto
Turtle and blue -turtle *should include brachi 9 attempts
Pyrri is obviously way cuter
And I go maxima


I voted:

Common - Scolo, Galli and Apato
Rare - Echo, Natsu, Draco
Epic - Blue & Turtle
Legend - Ardonto
Unique - Maxie

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There seem to be very few people who are in on it though. Reddit barely has a few replies, and same here. I hope those who didn’t see any of these threads won’t vote for short gains.


In my honest opinion, I think that Diplocalus is adorable, but I’m so dang tired of seeing it! Like, OMG I cannot stand looking at it.
So my commons were Scolo, Stego, and Galli.

For the rares, I also chose Dracorex, Nasuto, and Echo. I normally chose Delta for these decisions, but now that Echo got a hybrid, it ain’t a competition.

Epic wasn’t hard either, but it was still hard ya know? I think Brachi is cute, but I need Blue and Turtle. As much as it kills me to not have more Brachi DNA, I want to level up Indo G2. I can see it now: me leveling up my Indo G2 to team level :star_struck::heart_eyes:

Legendary was hard tho. I am having trouble with Pyrritator and Artondosaurus, but I finally made Magna… So I chose Ardento.

And Unique! Welp, I was struggling between Tenontorex and Maxima, but considering how I haven’t even started on Maxima, I went with the more logical one. At least I have the ingredients for Tenontorex unlocked.

Yeah, I really wanted Brachi, because I’m not using Blue &Turtle (and we’re getting a ton of it this month) but everyone seemed to want them so I voted for them. Same with the legendaries. I wanted Ardonto but voted Pyrritator because it saves people on Irritator DNA.

On Unique I picked Maxima because I only need 20 DNA on Tenontorex whereas Maxima will barely get 1st fuse probably tonight.

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I wasn’t able to vote on this one. Sorry everyone. :disappointed_relieved:

I’d trade you brachi for rare diplocalus. I can see 2-3 brachi a night. Tho i will still dart it, getting tired of seeing them. They take up spots for sino.

My selections include scolo, stego (for Monostego), Nasuto, Dracorex (for Rinex), Echo, Blue (for Indo gen 2),Turtle, Ardonto and Rinex.