New prehistoric creatures would be from the category of whales it would be a great idea

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These are great ideas the basilosaurus and the leviathan It would be a very good idea since for example the Leviathan was one of the main enemies of the megalodon and the basilosaurus was a fairly deadly whale since it could marry large creatures

The basilosaurus would be in the category of open sea animals since that was where it was mainly In the case of the Leviathan, it would also be in the category of the open sea, just like the megalodon.


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shonisaurus is a genus of extinct dolphin from the triassic period dorudon is an extinct whale just like ichthyosaurus

Marry large creatures? Is that what you meant to type?
And Ichthyosaurs are not cetaceans or any type of mammals. Why would you say something as wrong as that?

in fact I was wrong to write and I did not realize when I published it what it means was to hunt large creatures