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New Proceratoceratops Hybrid Idea!

I’ve been working on a new JWA hybrid idea, a mix of a proceratosaurus and triceratops.
concept art:

Proceratoceratops concept art 1
Proceratoceratops concept art 2

download (1)

Since the stats were way too over powered, I’m going to mix this with another dinosaur to create a unique hybrid and load those stats (I have edited the stats to fit the Proceratoceratops).


Seems rather a confusing name. How about Triceraprotus?


Yeah or proceratops

That still confused due to being closed to Protoceratops

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Ok ur idea then

Also, I accepted your apologies that it was too op. Here’s how I fixed it

Health: 3070

Damage: 1310

Speed: 125

Armor: 20%

Critical: 5%


Cunning Strike

Resilient Impact

Distracting Shield

Greater Stunning Rampage

Passive: Swap In Stunning Strike


One bad things just a confusing name! Maybe Aciesoceras? Meaning Sharpness Horn! Not to get similar to two "Cerato’ word on both names!

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Ok but you don’t have to get so angry about it chill out

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ProC better be all over this :joy:. I mean a legendary proceratosaurus hybrid that’s going straight to the team!

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images (32)
I love it! Hahaha


So ProC if this comes to the game, is it going to the team or no?

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Well I keep the meta on my main pvp team. But I keep my lvl 30 pro, draco, etc. For tourneys I would definitely max this up lol

Love to here it. Keep up the awesome work!!

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What? No I’m not getting mad man?

Ok good it just looked like u were

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EXCUSE ME WHY IS IT SO OP!?!!?? It’s strike does a RAMPAGE ATTACK.

Can you send me the silhouette or can I make it using that art

Its cuz idk how the stats work lol

Ikr lol everybody thinks its too confusing but I like it

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So as I’m making a unique hybrid out of this and another dinosaur, what should the other dino be?

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