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New Proceratoceratops Hybrid Idea!

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I love it! Hahaha


So ProC if this comes to the game, is it going to the team or no?

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Well I keep the meta on my main pvp team. But I keep my lvl 30 pro, draco, etc. For tourneys I would definitely max this up lol

Love to here it. Keep up the awesome work!!

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What? No I’m not getting mad man?

Ok good it just looked like u were

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EXCUSE ME WHY IS IT SO OP!?!!?? It’s strike does a RAMPAGE ATTACK.

Can you send me the silhouette or can I make it using that art

Its cuz idk how the stats work lol

Ikr lol everybody thinks its too confusing but I like it

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So as I’m making a unique hybrid out of this and another dinosaur, what should the other dino be?

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I’ve always wanted to see Proceratosaurus mixed with Koolasuchus lol

I’ll do that still but thats not what I meant, I meant like mixing the Proceratoceratops with another dino

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I know, I just meant a Procera+Koola mix in general with the triceratops DNA included.

Ok, but this is gonna take a while

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Proceratoceratops from Johnson-Verse :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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What the heck. I am so well associated with Proceratosaurus they gave me credit. I didn’t even name or create it @anon20109084 did lol. Literally only thing I involved was moto moto meme lol.

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I created the Prosuchuceratops @TheProC, a mix between a proceratoceratops and a koolasuchus (the one you wanted), ill make a new topic about that soon. You’ll see when I make it because I’ll mention you.

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I’m excited it!