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New profile pictures?

We have had the same profile pictures for years now.

Not that I don’t like them, but I’d love to see some new ones added.

Would you like to see new profile pictures added?

  • Yes
  • Not bothered
  • No

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I would love to hear everyone’s ideas for new pictures. :smiley:


Yeah I would like to use the one I have here lol.

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For simplicity, maybe avatars from versions of your FB and Twitter promos each day. As an example:

Other possibilities include artwork you’ve already licensed internally, fan-created avatars that are voted in as top options, or AR pics uploaded by players (using Terms of Service as the guide for legal reasons).


I’d like to have my favorite dino as my avatar. Adding in images of all the current creatures (and future if necessary) would be nice. Possibly even hidden avatars that players could unlock by doing certain tasks.


I imagine reviewing icons would be a logistics nightmare.
It would be cool to be able to just change your icon colors with a color picker.
Kinda like this.
No icons would have to be reviewed as they are already in game and you drastically increase customization.
I’ve kinda gotten attached to my avatar by now anyway but would love to use my colors of black and yellow.
The cool thing about custom icons is your opponent will know who you are right off the bat… Which is kind of a bad thing too if they know your play style now that I think about it. :slight_smile:


I would like to be able to earn emblems.

“You reached level 30 on Tryko, here’s your cool tryko emblem you can now use”



“You interacted with creatures 500 times in the sanctuary”

“You’ve reached x amount of battles”

“You’ve darted over 400”

Theres are so many possibilities


I like it.
“Unlocked your first (creature rarity)”
“Unlocked x amount of creatures” (not completed the dinodex since that is continuously changing.)


I’d like one with Kapro silhouette with mouth open like this:
I could make one in Inkscape.
Edit: Done.


Most Uniques/Legendaries should have one.

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I’d like to see the Jurassic Park, Jurassic World and DPG logos as player and alliance icons.


Hey, can you make it where you can choose your own profile pic, like on the forums? Or a idea would be a pterodactyl, I have many types you can choose from.

  1. Blue background and yellow pterodactyl
  2. Green background with yellow pterodactyl
  3. Red background and blue pterodactyl
    And vice versa.
    Or maybe mosasaurus, I’d love to see a mosasaur pfp even though mosa May never be in jwa.
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I’ll share your idea with our team. :slight_smile: Thanks, Mathew_Ni!

I love this idea! Gives us something to work towards. Or even profile pictures for those that place in top 500 and up in the season or tournament. I’d be willing to battle more for something like that over Alanqa DNA :joy:


i’d like a blue and yellow indominus rex profile picture

At first I thought, well this is useless. But then I sat and thought about it. Yeah. Can I change my vote?

Even though i’d prefer more effort going into bug fixing, I wouldn’t be bothered either way if there were new pictures. Either way it doesn’t affect me so i’m happy if they add new images.

I would love to be able to submit original profile pics, and I would be okay with them requiring approval (and wouldn’t even expect it to be instant). It does seem odd to only have 16 to choose from when there are thousands of us.

I want to be able to load my picture here to be my game profile picture.