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New proposal for IndoRat G2

Ive made a topic for indoraptor gen2 before but have a new proposal. Hopefully something will be done to nerf indo g2 in the next update but incase they dont I have an alternative proposal…
Stats remain unchanged but move set changes to:
Armour piercing strike
Cautious strike (with cooldown of 1)
Defense sgattering rampage
Evasive stance

Basically it looses mutual fury and the only diff between gen 1 and 2 is cleansing impact and cautious strike… you can choose which you prefer.
Obviously putting a cooldown on cs means double speedup is not possible and it cant evade and distract on every turn. You could even add a ×2 cooldown to it but as its only a ×1 attack thought that would be unfair

Main reason for nerf is that it destroys everything other than the other overpowered dinos (gemini) which not everyone has and you shouldnt have to fill your team with counters for one dino

This is a pretty harsh nerf. I think Ludia is gonna do what they did to the original Indoraptor- continue adding counters to it until it’s nearly impossible to use and then everyone who invested in it will feel cheated. I don’t think an actual nerf is gonna happen

honestly, i’d rather it keep MF and just do a 1 turn speed up on the current CS.
It can either continuously spam CS to keep the speed advantage or it can loose the speed and go for the kill with DSR.


Indo g2 is fine now, you can bleed it. We also have keratoporcus (100% win) agaist indo g2.


There is no such thing as harsh when it comes to nerfing the indorat gen 2


My suggestion:
Btw it also includes the OG Indo for context.

Why not give both Defense Shattering Pounce? Essentially DSR but with Distraction. Remove Distraction from Cautious Strike and let it keep speed up.

I suspect OG IndoR and IndoR G2 will both get new movesets. Prob IndoR will be Tyrant again.


Adding counters to Indo g2 mean more immunities. Only creature immune to distraction can counter Indo g2.

Immune + presice

Actually, it’s 80%, but yeah, indo gen 2 doesn’t need a nerf. It’s fine as is as it has counters like porkus, ardont, maxima, procerath, and indom gen 2

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That’s way too harsh, i agree with @Qiew here

I’ll ask here too: what about making cautious strike do 0.5x damage? And/or remove immunity to distraction? Imo the cautious strike change alone has interesting consequences in that you have a very safe way to deal damage against many things but you risk RNG more before the big DSR cleans up your opponent. The biggest issues I have with indogen2 is that it can cautious strike camp everything and if it’s slowed it gets a free MF and deletes whatever poor fool slowed it