New ptero hybrid

Look close omega 9


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what about it?

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New hybrid coming…

i dont see it

under the words…

i think its just in another language. not a sign for a new hybrid

I don’t think he’s talking about the words. He just means that looks like a new hybrid ptero.


oh now i see it. blended in to omega. kinda looks like something with ornithocherius

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I saw on a YouTube channel…

3:10 - 3:15
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That just looks like a Tropeognathus to me. Level 20 or 30.

no, its got a big pink crest on its head.

At first glance it looked like a part of Omega’s skin to me. Look at the pattern on the apparent crest and the rest of Omega. Might just be a mistake in editing, just what I think.

probably just something to make it look cool. we have the weird spino on CoT that was never introduced in the game

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So it’s just the old ornithocheirus :joy:

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Yes. :joy:

but the curious thing is the yellow border above the crest :thinking:

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I found it out, the video thumbnail editing made it look like a crest. A higher resolution image could clear this confusion.

The one who edited the video mistook that lava skin pattern as the Pterosaur’s. There is no white glow over it in the event banner.

The yellow border is just the tip of Omega’s spikes.


Do you remember this strange pterosaur that everyone doubted in the event called Pterosaur Terror some months ago? Well, it looks like it.

The previous post proves it’s not a new creature but in fact an existing one. Like @ExtinctBuckle22 said, the CoT has a Spinosaur design which isn’t in the game.

True, but you remember this thus?image