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New Pterosaur hybrid

New hybrid on a way.
So, I dont know exactly which two creatures will be use for this new hybrid, but I am sure this one will be a legendary, that is exactly, what we need. Thank you Ludia


Surely pteranodon and maybe zalmoxes

Or corythosaurus

We can just hope it is not Corythosaurus + Aerotitan = just super rare. Well for other side, current super rare ptero hybrid isn too strong. But nah, I will hope for Legendary.

I think is pteranodon, look at the shape of the head and the body!

What about scaphognathus?

An hybrid between ptera and scaph? I would love that! Plz ludia…

I must Agree I also like him, and ptero is the most know ptorosaur

Pteranodon and Zalmoxes is my guess (Zalmodon? Pteranoxes?) If true, it’ll be so good to have more tournament hybrid pterosaurs other than Metriaphodon


cant wait for the new hybrid

Pteranodon,Quetzalcoatlus,Aerotitan? We have Pteraquetzal in Jurassic world alive which is a hybrid of pteranodon and quetzalcoatlus,Quetzorion is Tanycolagreus and Pteraquetzal.

Quetzaltitan? Aerotitan and Quetzalcoatlus

Scarphognathus is also one without hybrid

Thinking Pteranodon and Corythosaurus, I don’t think either of them have a hybrid yet.

They don’t

corythosaurus and pteranodon it can’t be zalmoxies as zal and Pter will be quite op
But but but but
That’s a pterosaur beak and your are forgetting 1 creature that can go with zal


And the beak makes it most likely to Be a flyer

I just got a new idea
They said "new recipe"and lab doors opening

Can it be a new type of hybrid maybe creature with


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In that case if vip hybrids will arrive this can be from pterodactylus

I don’t know why but everytime I look at that picture it makes me think I will never sleep as I will think what it is forever so I will not sleep for 3 days

I don’t think it will be pteranodon as the iconic part about it is the pack part of the head and it don’t have it so I think it’s most likely to be areotitan and zalmoxies as the head looks like zalmoxies

The bottom of the head has some lump sticking out so does areotitan

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