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New Pterosaur hybrid

Yes he is, and @anon64344010 he is not the only YouTuber on this game, he is one of the few that can show you a level 999999999 (or whatever odd hack he is deploying at the time) Indoraptor.

my key board has bean acting up i sed the rong thing sorry i dident mene to say i have a stupid ceebord

and just so you now @Sionsith hes not a hacker he gets gliches same as me but i got i onlyhad 1 and it gave me a level 0 indo

@Sionsith you are a youtuber show us a level 999999999 indoraptor

bagoyee is a hacker

Look at the resources in this video and tell me with a straight face he hasn’t hacked the game…


Oh! LPGOZZI is one,not Beaver,but there are no replies regarding him,but yes he is a hacker.

I mean,who can tell a person is not a hacker with those resources,it is pretty obvious that part cannot be said.

I see you have deleted the post that said he wasn’t a hacker…

it is possible to have that meny recoures

@Sionsith if so you are a hacker you have got that much coins

This is a weird discussion.

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i know it is waeid @Tommi we are talking about lpg ozzie

Coins? Easy to get maxed out. Bucks? Not so much.


you can get that much bucks

Why? Just save your Bucks and don’t spend them on useless things. Then you will get maxed Bucks easy. xD

you dont have to hack to gat that much recoures

99 Million bucks are simply impossible. Even if you make 3k Bucks a day, which would be completely insane you just could have like 5 million bucks, if you wouldn’t spend any of them. 3k Bucks a day would mean 1 Million a year. The game is out since 5 years now. So the maximum would be 5 million, right?

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