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New Pterosaur hybrid

What about Tupuxuara?

The beak don’t look like it it’s too short

the image make it look cute

that is a good idea but what does it fuse with ?

Hey sorry I think you might be right the words blocked me so I could not see but the beak was quite short so I think its tupan and chryh
Sorry again


And here are the names for the hybrid

Put their names in

Guys it can’t be a hybrid of Aerotitan because the neck is too short for this model of pterosaur. And surely it has no Scaphognathus in it, there is no characteristics inherited from it. I don’t think Tupuxuara is a possible parent because of the lack of this long beak. The only possible pterosaurs is Pteranodon or (most likely) the VIP Pterodactylus . VIP hybrids are not something impossible (especially if we take into account what a “new recipe” means ) and we have learned to expect everything from Ludia when it comes to hybrids. As for the second parent of this hybrid, it is almost surely Zalmoxes (considering both the crest and the shape of its head) although the colors are closer to Dracorex.

It is a Tupuxuara hybrid!

Ya the beak is too short for pter

Pteranodon and Aerotitan? Pterrotitan?

If we knew more about it,the leaves and the letters block the beak.


You can see it

I know that we can see it,it is hard to see the beak.

It’s till the end

Yeah! I get that. What I am saying is it is not easily noticeable at first sight.

10000 characters

Yes! Da freaking 10 Characters.


Troodon= Stenonychosaurus?
Triceratops= Torosaurus?

I prefer troodon and prestosuchus perstodoon