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New pterosaur?

I had this image in my emails but I can’t quite figure out what xD is I thought of Tupandactylus but I’m not sure


Unless it is a Monday unlock event you got a very early Email. If it is a tournament creature it would be teased on Tuesday/Wednesday…

This was in the JWTG newsletter that went out today. There was also a link for 100 dinobucks (so you should sign up if you haven’t already)!


look like a really cool creature!!!

Signed up a while back but had to search for this email, thanks for letting us know.

I think your right its tupandactylus, it’s in alive also


I would be grateful if it’s Tupandactylus, it was on my wishlist for a long time along with Thalassodromeus and Nyctosaurus

Maybe Thalassodromeus, Germanodactylus…

Perhaps arambourgigania

No, with this crest no

Didn’t noticed the crest lol. Then it’s probably tupandactylus or thallassodromeus

May I ask how you reach the newsletter, I have signed for it so earlier to get that first subscription reward but haven’t seen a thing later on. Is it coming to your mail address?

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@Cagkan_Coskun you may need to search for it, couldnt find this one myself so just typed jurassic world in my email search bar, should be there

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Check your junk mail. This is the third newsletter. One in November, December, and now January


Oh thanks to you both, then it seems as it should be checked monthly @Aether_12 @Andy_wan_kenobi. I hope the link is still working. :slight_smile:

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Sorry but can you send a link to subscribe to jurassic world the game in order to get this information from the email ???
Please please.

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Thanks :wink:

Why does every creature have to be a tournament?

That is how ludia keep late game players around, new Dino’s to unlock and max.


Base creatures without unlock events yet wondering when Ludia will remember they still exist :