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New PvE Tier list as well?

I was thinking, since I know Gamepress is hard at work getting the new tier list done, If there would be a tier list for PvE as well. Creatures like Ardentismaxima and Trykosaurus will obviously place very high in both tiers, but Touramaloch would be ranked pretty bad for PvP, but pretty high for PvE. I know Pogo has something similar in which it separates how good each creature is in PvP and PvE. This is just a suggestion of course, so no pressure or anything :sweat_smile:


this would be insanely helpful. and for PvE stuff rather than an all encompassing tier list let’s do it via class/ specialty/ dual specialty.


Yes… we are DEFINITELY hard at work on this…

But for real, yes we have discussed having both PvP and PvE lists.


I knew it had to come up in some discussions. There are too many differences between PvP and PvE to not have one imo.